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August 20, 2014
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Marco polo introduces bottled water to mark fifth staging
Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

With Marco Polo celebrating its fifth anniversary on Sunday, the promoters will also be launching a Marco Polo bottled water to add to an already popular brand.

According to one of the promoters, Fabian O'hara of Lawless Events, there was a soft launch for the bottled water on social media Sunday night. The official launch, however, will take place at the event on Sunday at Mas Camp, St Andrew.

"It has been on the top of our heads, for a little while now, to keep the brand Marco Polo relevant. This is one way that we see best to do it 'cause everybody uses water at some point or another," O'hara said.

When the water is launched, he said patrons will get the opportunity to sample it. Thereafter, it will be available at locations, three places confirmed to sell the water so far.

He added that the water will be available in 600ml bottles and will be competitively priced.

"Marco Polo itself is popular and that gives us a strong foothold in the market. We have a connection with the colleges and we have younger siblings in high school as well. So we have direct market already with the youngsters," he told THE STAR, adding that they plan to target all ages.

O'Hara said having a Marco Polo bottled water will help promote the event throughout the year.

"People say an event has a shelf life, but if you have something that promotes the event throughout the year, it will add some sustainability to the brand, add some longevity," he said.

"It's the fifth anniversary and we are pulling out all the stops. It should be really good," he said.

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