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August 20, 2014
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Dancing pregnant woman disgusts viewers

Gyrating on her head and transitioning into a split on the concrete ground are some of the actions which has a woman, who seemed very far advanced in pregnancy, coming under fire for her risqué behaviour.

The woman, who appeared to be about six months pregnant and in her early 20s, was captured in a two-minute long video that is currently being circulated on Facebook.

In the brief film, the woman could be seen demonstrating her dance moves to dancehall music, in what appeared to be a living room with mainly young children as her audience.


The pregnant woman could be seen dancing in only a bra and shorts as her belly protruded eerily as she gyrated to the rhythm of the music, much to the delight of her young audience who could be heard cheering her on.

To prove her dancing prowess, the woman proceeded to balance on her head on a sofa while continuing to gyrate, to the shock of viewers she then transitioned into a full split, landing forward on her pregnant belly as she continues to gyrate unfazed.

The video concluded with the unabashed expectant mother dancing up a storm.

The young mother's behaviour was met with disdain by viewers, with some declaring their disgust, while others expressed their concern for the unborn child.

careless bad

A viewer commented, "that's why she end up in that state in the first place, loose!"

While another added, "why she don't have some pride and stop embarass us women?"

"She careless bad! How she fi a whine up harself like that, the baby must dead!" a Facebook viewer commented.

THE STAR sought the expertise of medical doctor, Jepthah Ford, and he stated that there are severe implications for the unborn child due to the mother's actions.

"The mother risks trauma to the abdomen during pregnancy as well as premature labour, she could also suffer from internal bleeding," Dr Ford said.

He advises expectant mothers to take it easy during their pregnancy. "Once they become aware of their pregnancy, they should begin to tone down," he said.

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