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August 21, 2014
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Electricity theft affecting JPS meter system

JPS is reporting that illegal electricity abstraction activities have interfered with the Company's ability to read meters in the Seaview Gardens community of St. Andrew.

The communication device, which reads the meters for the Residential Advanced Metering Infrastructure system, has been badly burnt and destroyed, due to illegal connections which were attached to the device's energy cable. The illegal wires were apparently servicing a number of premises.

As a result of the equipment damage, several JPS customers in Seaview Gardens are likely to receive estimated bills this month.

various sections

JPS has been battling the incidence of illegal connections for some time in various sections of the community, which have led to a number of residents receiving estimated bills.

This latest development, however, will affect the community on an even greater scale, possibly resulting in the majority of customers receiving estimated bills. The company is seeking to have the equipment replaced as quickly as possible.

JPS is again appealing to persons in the area, as well as across the island, to desist from tampering with the Company's equipment.

JPS has been fighting the problem of illegal usage of electricity through a multiplicity of methods, including operations to remove 'throw-ups', meter inspections, account audits and the implementation of anti-theft networks in sections of the island.

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