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August 25, 2014
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5d cinema simulator on the move
Shereita Grizzle, STAR Writer

Jamaicans can look forward to experiencing the newest in simulator technology when the Buzzers 5D Mobile Cinema Simulator visits an area near you.

The latest gadget in interactive technology is a step up from the 3D experience many Jamaicans have become aware of and is guaranteed to give you an upgraded experience you will never forget.

Making its debut at Wonderland last month, the 5D cinema is the first simulator of its kind on the island. The mobile unit is currently housed in Portmore and is owned by Famous Nightclub's TJ Williams.

Williams told the STAR that the simulator boasts the very latest in interactive technology, including 3D visuals, surround-sound audio, wind effects and seat movement which all create a realistic experience and is an upgrade from the ordinary simulator many have grown accustomed to.

"It is similar to the simulator, but much more advanced," he said. "It boasts a 5D screen that will allow you to not only see things as if they were directly in front of you, but you will also be able to feel things too."

He explained that if the simulator animation involves elements such as water or the wind, one will be able to feel the effects as the animation is played.

The 5D cinema holds a maximum of six persons and has already become a major attraction at the different stops it has made across the island. "It was at Wonderland at Jamaica College and they loved it. It was also at the Denbigh show and it was a hit there too," Williams said.


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