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August 27, 2014
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Diandra Grandison, Staff Reporter

A woman rolling on the ground in pain, in her own blood, while desperately trying to remove her clothes from her melting flesh, after being drenched with acid, was the chilling and shocking scene captured on tape recently

According to reports, the incident took place in Montego Bay, St James, recently, and the gruesome video has been making its rounds online since.

According to Head of the St James Division, Senior Superintendent Egbert Parkins, the woman told the police that she was seated in a car on St James Street when she felt a burning sensation, in her shock, she took refuge inside a shop, which was depicted in the tape.

In the brief 34-second clip, the woman was left clad in the scraps of what used to be a black pants and yellow top after the attack. She could be seen on the floor of what appeared to be a mini-mart, looking around desperately for help as she tore the remnants of her clothing from her body leaving herself exposed.

In the video, a crowd assembled to watch in horror as the woman's flesh melted.

An onlooker in a bid to provide some relief for the severely burned woman, poured a carton of boxed milk all over her body.

The video concluded abruptly with viewers expressing their shock and concern.

"Oh my God, this is a wicked act. No one deserves this. No one," a Facebook viewer commented.

Another lamented, "I'm hurting, it's painful to watch. My sympathy to her."

"I just can't formulate a proper sentence on how I feel right now," expressed another viewer after watching the gruesome tape.

With many viewers speculating that the woman died as a result of her injuries, Parkins informed THE STAR that the woman who received burns all over her body is currently in hospital and is recuperating.

He said the police are currently investigating the incident.

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