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August 28, 2014
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HANGING PANTIES CAUSE FIGHT - Co-accused had problem with more than one underwear on clothes line

Two men and a woman who got into a fight after five panties were hung on a line over one of the accused men's door were brought before the courts yesterday in a cross-case.

Horace Green and Ann-Marie Barnett are charged with unlawful wounding, while Audley Ramsey is charged with assault occasioning bodily harm. Green and Ramsey will stand trial on September 24, while Barnett was fined $5,000 or serve six months.

chopped down

The Crown alleges that Green, who is Barnett's common-law husband, had a dispute with Ramsey over panties the female accused hangs on a clothes line in front of Ramsey's door. On the day of the incident, Ramsey, upset with the situation, chopped down the clothes line resulting in the panties and other clothing falling to the ground.

In a statement to the police, Green claimed Ramsey said to him, "mi tell har say she must not hang no panty on the line". Green further claimed that he was told, "a long time mi tell har not to hang no panty on the line."

another wound

Green then allegedly used a machete to chop Ramsey's bicycle tyre. A fight ensued between the two. During the altercation, the machete which Green had, injured Ramsey causing a wound. Barnett then used a baton to hit Ramsey resulting in another wound. Green was then punched in his back causing an abrasion.

In court, Barnett said the clothes line was hung over the house and not at Ramsey's doorway. She then told the court that at one point Ramsey told her that only one panty should be hung on the line and not five.

Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey fined Green $2,000 for the bicycle damage and for the wound Barnett caused, a fine of $5,000 or a prison term of six months.

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