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August 29, 2014
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Macka, Matterhorn clash online - Entertainers have war of words on Instagram
Shereita Grizzle, STAR Writer

Macka Diamond - File

Tony Matterhorn - Contributed

Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond and selector Tony Matterhorn are at loggerheads following a heated exchange on social media earlier this week.

The developing argument followed comments made by Matterhorn on the popular social network site Instagram on Tuesday on his After Dark programme. The selector began discussing intimate relationships between older women and young guys when he made mention of Macka Diamond.

In discussing the sexual agility of older women, Matterhorn said that women of a certain age should not be intimately involved with men considerably younger than them before specifically calling out the Dye Dye singer.

"Now I don't know why this discussion have women inna dem early 30s a talk bout dem nah go deh wid nuh young boy, I'm talking women inna dem 50s like Macka Diamond," he said.

did not go down well

The comments did not go down well with Macka Diamond, who took to her own Instagram page in retaliation. "Yea Matterhorn a wah? You have a problem wid di woman dem weh a fk young boy a wah. We nah dun di whole a di young boy dem innu, di whole a dem out deh fi you same way."

Upon seeing the deejay's response, Matterhorn insisted that he was only joking calling her his 'home girl', proclaiming her to be one of the best female entertainers in the industry.

Efforts to speak to Mattheron proved futile yesterday, but when THE WEEKEND STAR contacted Macka Diamond, she was adamant that the selector was not just making fun. "Him WhatsApp mi and say a joke, but that was after the damage was done," she said. "I was already angry because him call mi name directly, if him did just mention the song, mi wouldn't have a problem, but him call mi name."

On his After Dark programme on Wednesday, Matterhorn continued to make reference to the entertainer calling her a green lizard while making claims she was seeking a 'hype' from his name.

Macka diamond insisted however, that she doesn't need to use an argument with the selector to stay relevant as she still has one of the biggest songs in Jamaica. "Him have a problem. Him look argument wid everybody, so clearly a him a look a hype, him love attention," she said, adding that she would put an end to the argument if he leaves her alone. "Mi feisty too, so mi just want him leave me alone. If him do that, den everything good."


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