July 31, 2015
Star Features

Emancipation Day facts
“More than a century ago, over 310,000 slaves flocked churches to celebrate the biggest news of their lives, they had received freedom from slavery.. read more
Reminiscing on the residual effects of slavery

As the Emancipation holiday weekend is upon us, several Jamaicans seek to commemorate the event in their own way. For many, the period is one of relaxation which they will use to recharge and reflect...

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Celebrating 177 years of emancipation

Tomorrow will mark 177 years since Jamaica gained full emancipation from slavery. However, the legacy of slavery is still popular in the island.

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My brother cheated me out of our mother's will

Two brothers are in a dispute over a will their mother made two years before she died. One of the brothers said the other had encouraged his mother to make the will.

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