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The Sirr's Top Ten (10) Reggae/Dancehall Songs Currently in Jamaica

Week: January, 17 - January 24, 07

01 Driver Buju Banton Gargamel
0.00 secs
02 Coming Over Tonight Chuck Fenda/Cherine Burch Hill
0.00 secs
03 Church Heathen Shaggy Big Yard
0.00 secs
04 Hot Wuk Mr. Vegas/Opal/Hotta Ball In Di Streets
0.00 secs
05 Traffic Jam Stephen/Damian Marley Ghetto Youths
0.00 secs
06 Loco Amor Nanko Downsound
0.00 secs
07 X-Girlfriend Turbulence Tads Production
0.00 secs
08 Let's Dance Voice Mail Don Corleon
0.00 secs
09 Goodaz Fi Dem Tony Matterhorn Natural Bridge
0.00 secs
10 Come Around Collie Budz Sony Urban/Epic
0.00 secs

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Updated: Wednesday, January 17, 2007
So Said Sirr
All the best for the 2007
Thanks to all the visitors this page got in 2006. 2007 promises bigger and better things look out for them all. We are making a few changes and improvement so stay tuned.

Kartel and Mavado feud
No matter how di man dem deny it, dem fi stop to war and ting. As mi always seh, mi nuh too worried bout wah de will do, is dem silly trigger happy followers outta road wi need fi worry bout. Di two man dem good lyrically but dat nuh means eh dem fi tek it pass that stage.Di two artiste dem ah drop some hard tune fi di new year.

Sirr's Best of 2006

Best New Dancehall Artiste: Mavado
Best New Reggae Artiste: TBA
Best Dancehall Rhythm: RedBull & Guinness
Best One-Drop Rhythm: TBA
Best Dancehall Artiste:TBA
Best Reggae Artiste: Buju Banton
Best Video Director: Jay Will

The year that was: 2006
2006 was definitely the year for Dancehall Music. The producers shifted from the One-Drop that took over 2005 and spent the extra time in the studios reeling off hit dancehall rhythms and voicing artistes.


In the absence of the Star Top 40 and the demands made, the Gleaner Online Team in association with Sirr presents the Sirr Top 10.

Watch this space for more additions and enhancements.

*Sirr's Top 10 is, as the name suggests 'Sirr's Top 10'. The list in no way reflects the opinion of the Gleaner Company.


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