Staying sexy during COVID-19

March 17, 2020

The entire world is reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic, and everyday life has been completely disrupted. With thousands infected and some 6,000 people reported dead from this infection, there is a collaborative effort to ensure that people are protected and that the virus doesn’t continue to spread.

In order to contain the spread of the virus, the Jamaican Government has cancelled everything – all public gatherings and schools – and advised that we practise social distancing. Social distancing requires everyone to refrain from being within three feet of each other to ensure that the virus doesn’t spread.

While I understand that this measure is necessary to protect us from contracting the virus, how is it possible to maintain a sexy physical relationship during this time? Well for many of us, it’s not possible at all because no one is feeling sexy at all, plus, there is real fear about catching the virus.

But what about those who are still feeling sexy and want to still observe the precautions set out by the health ministry. It is not easy being locked up in a confined space with your partner for weeks and not engage in any sexy activities at all. So for those who are in the mood and want to be safe, here are some tips you can use to get your groove on during your corona quarantine:


Have phone sex

Since touching is not advised, go into separate rooms and call each other on your phones. Use the opportunity to be as expressive as possible and really let your partner know what you would do if you were able to actually get physical.


Mutual Masturbation

As the name suggests, it’s self-pleasure with your partner in the room. So go ahead, touch yourself in front of your partner. As a matter fact, get creative and make requests. Tell them where to touch, how much force to use, and make sure you return the favour.

Use your toys

For those who believe that there is no real use for sex toys, well, this is the perfect opportunity to get your buzz on. Toys are also a great way to satisfy that urge in a quick and efficient way.


Video Chat

This is self-explanatory and fun to execute. Put on some sexy outfits and you can even role play. The point is to keep each other entertained and satisfy your sexy urges.


COVID-19 has disrupted our lives on every level, and that includes our sex lives. Obviously, we will have to make changes to how we operate and how we express our sexual side from now on. It’s actually a great opportunity to get creative and find ways to share intimacy and grow together especially now.

Single people will have to change their approach when dating a new partner as well. I’ll give some tips on that next week. In the meantime, observe the advice given by the health ministry and please stay safe during this pandemic.

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