Byll Gatezs banks on Own Don

January 15, 2016
Byll Gatezs

Dancehall artiste Byll Gatezs is celebrating the relative success of his new single 'Own Don'. The song was produced by Konsequence Muzik Group, and is intended to highlight the importance of being independent.

Own Don was released over the festive season and has become an anthem at dancehall parties.

"The song is basically shouting out to the top spenders, flossers, fashion and dancehall icons. It's dubbed the new flossers anthem, and, since its release a few weeks ago, it has been one of the most talked about songs in the dancehall. DJs have been making hefty sums of money from money pull up, each time this record is played," a comical Byll Gatezs told The WEEKEND STAR.

The artiste who has been popular in the dancehall circles for several years, believes the song has the potential to achieve commercial success, and could be his long awaited breakthrough record.


"I have collaborated with artistes such as Anthony Cruz, Supa Hype, Lisa Hyper and Mr Lex. I'm very popular in the dancehall and a lot of people know me as the man that brings the vibes to the parties, and all the ladies love me. Whenever I enter any dancehall event the DJs always announce like see di richest man deh just walk in. Now I'm ready and fully focus on my music career. I'm getting the love and support from the streets and I'm not going to let them down. For 2016, I'm on the paper chase and I'm leaving paper trails," he said.

Byll Gatezs was recently featured on Fiwi Choice video count down as the co-host. He also used the opportunity to increase promotion for Own Don.

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