Tafari releases EP


January 15, 2016
Contributed Tafari

With the songs Puts it Down and Feels So Good, the first releases from his EP newest project, Puts it Down, Tafari continues his unique, sexy and emotive relationships in music.

Singing to 'her', or to the listener, about 'her', is effective because of his directness and confident apprehension of his love, its profound effect on him and 'her'!

The marked difference in the texture of his delivery on each single displays his ownership of music. He changes the norm for Jamaican popular music, adding an alternately masculine, fearless love and sexiness to the landscape.

The Puts it Down EP features production work from the likes of Jason 'JG' Gilbert, Bret Bailey and Noah Mason.

Tracks on the seductively sensuous EP include Heaven, No Odda, Feels So Good and Puts it Down, which charted on the US iTunes reggae chart.

The EP has been released on the Rud3 Music LLC label and reached number 40 on the iTunes Reggae chart. It is a lead-up to Tafari's sophomore album, Desire, set for release in the second quarter of 2016.

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