Khago keeps his word to not evacuate Florida

September 11, 2017
A floundered boat is shown at the Haulover Marine Center at Haulover Park as Hurricane Irma passes by yesterday in North Miami Beach, Florida.

Dancehall artiste Khago, who resides in Florida, USA, told The STAR on Saturday that he would not be leaving the state despite the inclement weather resulting from Hurricane Irma.

When The STAR did a follow up with the singjay yesterday during the heavy rainfall, he noted that aside from flooding in some areas, the Hurricane helped to bring people together.

"I am here cooking at this point, but I am also bracing myself because the breeze will be coming my way soon. This morning I went and helped to batten down four ladies who were living by themselves and it was a nice feeling to help others," he said.


My family and my kids


"America is a place where people don't even speak to each other, but the hurricane change all of that. So its clear that this is how God wants us to live. I still don't regret not leaving, because I have my family and my kids here," he said,

Khago who spoke to The STAR on his cellphone also said that his Internet connection was still functional, even with all the challenges outside.

The Tun Up Di Thing singer noted that he has ignored the news, since the reports are known to drive fear into citizens.

"Mi nuh watch news, mi just watch the breeze outside. When you watch the news all dem do is just make you feel fear. I am happy and I just hope if it hits us it will not be the full force and no life will be lost," he said.

He also said that he has stacked sandbags at his doors to keep out excess water, as well as purchased candles and tinned food.

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