J-Jays Clothing wants to take dancehall fashion global

September 13, 2017
Models wearing J-Jays clothing.


Jerome Johnson, a Clarendon-based fashion designer, has created a clothing brand which he believes has the potential to go global.

"Dancehall fashion is captivating and deserves to be up there with high fashion. We have the potential to sell decent numbers in our most authentic state and we are doing everything to make it a reality. We have some very talented designers and manufacturers in Jamaica, but it is about getting that international way of thinking, then translating that into our business," Johnson said.

Johnson is now preparing to expand his J-Jays clothing line, which now includes caps, swimwear, T-shirts, tanks and dresses.

Though based in rural Jamaica, Johnson has been distributing his clothing islandwide, and has also begun to tap into the overseas market.

"Once everything is fully up and running with the clothing line, we are going to branch off into footwear, cologne and jewellery. We are currently doing our research and we have seen where there is a need for a variety of products, and we intend to put these products on the market as time progresses," Johnson said.

J-Jays clothing line was launched in 2014.

"I want to make a lasting impact. Dancehall brands are sometimes dead within a few years, but we want to make this brand into a culture changer. We tend to follow what foreign does as it relates to how we dress, but Jamaicans are trendsetters and it is time for us to own what is truly Jamaican and promote that to the world. Don't wait until foreign take it and sell it back to us before you realise your value," Johnson said.

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