Junior Kelly keeping his act fresh - to tour Europe twice in coming months

October 11, 2017
Junior Kelly

Junior Kelly will be going through Europe this winter, between November and December, before returning to the continent in short order next summer.

However, Kelly, whose most recent of 10 albums is Urban Poet, told THE STAR that generally he doesn't travel the same ground twice so quickly.

A quick repeat in this case will not be an issue.

"We go through different parts and some of the same places," Kelly said, explaining that with strict adherence to venue capacities, there are times when people who bought tickets cannot get into a concert.

The promoter will then give them the option of a refund or admission to a future concert with the performer.

"Most people hold on to the ticket," Kelly said, so a show is booked within reasonable time. In addition, the summer tour will include Africa.

Kelly said he always sees children at his concerts, noting "that is the transition. A dem a go buy the music next. The mothers and fathers will come to the place with their children and say 'I have been listening to you since I was 14 years old.'"

His breakthrough hit was Love So Nice in 2000, although the song was written five years before, while Kelly observed a domestic dispute in Boston, US, in which the police got involved.

Another repeat from 2017 on Kelly's 2018 calendar will be Rebel Salute at Grizzly's Plantation Cove, St Ann.

He has no misgivings about performing at the event, which has a high repeat audience, two years running.

He said he has heard first-hand how some performers can wear out audiences with the same material.

"I will hear them (patrons) say, 'Me hear that song before and every time I see him, is the same song,'" Kelly said. But he has no such fear.

"I can go to Rebel Salute five years straight and do songs they have not heard. I know how to introduce new songs," Kelly said.

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