STAR of the Month: 'Mi nah run weh' - Shane O chose Jamaica over US

June 06, 2018
STAR of the Month Shane O

It's not for lack of opportunity that re-emerging dancehall artiste Shane O remained low on the radar in the local dancehall arena.

During the time that fans were not hearing from Shane O, some may be compelled to believe that the once-prodigious young artiste simply relocated out of the country, as some dancehall and reggae successes are wont to do.

However, Shane O's time out of the limelight was spent in Jamaica, a place in which he was adamant that he would remain and achieve success.

For many years, even while he toiled in studios and behind the scenes of the industry, the movement of his own music left much to be desired, causing his parents to worry.

According to Shane O, both parents individually initiated the process of filing for their son to become a naturalised US citizen.

"My modda wah file fi mi how long, mi fadda wah file fi mi. Dem time deh, mi nuh have nuh song a play. True nuttin nah gwan dem ah seh yo, come man!" Shane O told The STAR.

With the offer to enter the long-proclaimed 'land of opportunity' coming at him from both sides, Shane O maintained that he would rather keep trying to revive his career back home.

His parents eventually accepted their son's decision.

"Them give up and seh, 'Yooo, when you ready, you pay for it!' And mi seh 'yeah man!'"

The goading of his parents to relocate did more than just present Shane O with another option; it also motivated him to keep writing and releasing music until the right song struck and stuck.

"Mi sehnah man, mi good man. Mi nah run weh. All [Bounty] Killa himself seh, 'Heynuh run weh. Stay yah and fight di fight'," said Shane O. "By the time me come off the phone (with my parents)mi seh mi muss buss, because me nuh wah none ah dat."

Now, the STAR of the Month reports that his parents' tune has changed, as did his status in the local dancehall industry.

Since the recent success of his latest songs Last Days, A Million and Partner Draw, his parents have become more comfortable.

"Dem haffi call back and seh 'bwoywe proud ah yuh man!'," Shane O said.

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