Macka Diamond defends provocative Instagram post

June 14, 2018
Macka Diamond

Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond has been receiving some amount of blacklash for a photo she posted to her Instagram page on the weekend.

The photo shows the Dye Dye singer clad in her underwear showing off her tummy.

The singer boasts about her new diet and says the picture is testament that the change in lifestyle is working.

However, because the artiste's vaginal area also features very prominently in the photo, the post was upsetting to some social media users.

Voicing their disgust with the entertainer's post, some social media users lashed out at Macka Diamond, dubbing her post degrading and attention seeking.

When The STAR contacted Macka Diamond, the singer was not fazed by the negative comments. She said she knew the picture would not sit well with some.

But she said posting the picture serves a more important purpose.

"Right now it's a new adventure for me, learning about the body and what can keep off the weight, and that's what I'm focused on. Some say me a look attention, but if me did a look attention, me woulda did take off the whole panty," she said. "There were a lot of good comments under the picture. People who I didn't even think were my friends over there cussing people for me because they understood what I was doing so me nah look pan dem (the naysayers)."

Macka Diamond said she posted the picture because she honestly feels proud to know she can finally keep her belly weight down after years of trying.

She insisted the post was to get persons, especially women in their 40s, to see that a change in lifestyle is very necessary as they age.

She explained that since she began her fitness journey, she has not only seen improvements in her weight but she has felt more vibrant and active.

"A lot of these young people don't understand what people go through when they get to their 40s, and a lot of women hide things from the world and they go through their burdens alone. After you reach over 40 you affi change yuh diet, yuh have to live different, especially as a woman," she said.

She added that since the post, women have been asking for her fitness regime.

"They want me to start a programme, and I'm going to start it because I'm really loving it, but right now I'm still learning," she said.

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