Inspiring Marion expected at Ja Fun in the Son

June 15, 2018
File Marion Hall (left) and Kevin Downswell embrace at the Jamaica National Racers Grand Prix 2018 held at The National Stadium on Saturday June 9.
Contributed Tommy Cowan (left), CEO, Glory Music and producer of Jamaica Fun in the Son. and Town Clerk Robert Hill of the KSAC inspecting the National Heroes Park, Kingston, where the event will be held on July
Minister Marion Hall

Marion Hall is the latest performer added to the 2018 Jamaica Fun in the Son line-up, and Tommy Cowan of Glory Music, which is running the July 14 event, emphasises that the journey of her life to this point is expected to have an impact on

the audience at National Heroes Park.

"I believe she has a testimony, coming from a place where I think a lot of us would not want to be," Cowan said, referring to the numerous challenges Hall has faced off the stage. "When somebody survives that and comes out of it, I think it resonates with people who are going through similar circumstances."

The additional message is that "for someone to go through that and come through shows that your peace, your joy is in Jesus."

"I do not expect her to just come and entertain. I expect her to share her testimony, her walk in life, and how she ends up here," Cowan said.

Cowan's wife, Carlene Davis, draws parallels between Hall's secular background and that of other gospel performers. Hall was publicly known as Lady Saw up to late 2015 when she became a Christian. She had closed Reggae Sumfest's Dancehall Night in the summer of that year.

"When we look at where we are coming from, a Papa San, a Carlene Davis and even Rondell Positive, who used to be a dancehall disc jockey, it is really a testimony that at all times, people really come to Christ. You have all this glamour, stage appearances, but the real peace comes though Jesus," said Davis, who has the single Pray For You with Hall.

In addition to Davis,

Hall, Papa San, and Rondell Positive, Fun in the Son 2018 will also feature

Kevin Downswell and Donnie McClurkin.

preparing the park

In the process of getting the park ready, Cowan said: "It is challenging because the ground is so big. Nowadays when you look at the field, you wonder if plastic bottles rain from the sky. We have to clean up that. We are getting quite a lot of assistance from Manpower & Maintenance."

Other companies are involved in Fun in the Son. For instance, Best Dressed is continuing to be a major sponsor and will also have an extensive set-up at the festival. The JN Group will be doing a wealth village, while Sagicor will focus on a health village.

Naomi Cowan said that the Jamaica Tourist Board is giving its support, what with Fun in the Son 2018 positioned as a 'Jamaican Worship Experience'.

"There is something special about how we worship God in Jamaica," she said.

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