STAR of the Month: Shane O's son is his biggest fan

June 15, 2018
STAR of the Month Shane O

For Shane O, being a parent means having a friendly relationship with his children. A father of two, this comeback kid is proud of the fact that his 11-year-old daughter has inherited his affinity for music and his nine-year-old son has inherited his capacity for empathy.

The STAR of the Month revealed that his son is his biggest fan, and more than that, he is a gauge for finding the artiste's sure-fire hit songs.

Shane O doesn't add much ceremony to his role as a father, and he doesn't consider himself much of a disciplinarian. "Mi nuh beat them still. Mi just always tek care of them. Me and dem good, man. Me and dem rap like bredrin," Shane O told The WEEKEND STAR.

According to the Partner Draw singer, his approach to parenting has his children approach him as they would a friend. He recalled a time when his son was hanging out with friends and asked for J$2,000 to share among them as they carried on.

"Mi like that still. Ah my style dat. When me and mi friend dem deh deh, ah suh we share. So mi like how him have dah ting deh too. Him nuh all fi himself."

When asked how they usually celebrate, with fuzzy recollection, he said: "Dem call mi and say happy Fathers' Day and mi seh thanks."

A former child star himself, Shane O is not against the idea of his children following a similar path to his own. "Mi daughter can sing, innuh. She love sing. She always a write song and ah [ask], 'how dis sound?' Proper English though, you know?" he clarified. She is at the same age Shane O was when he got his first taste of stardom, and he has already begun to play his part in supporting her potential career.

"From she take in her work she ah bright girl, innuh. Weh mi ah guh do? Help her. Me and har ah do a song soon, too a nice school song," Shane O told The WEEKEND STAR.

Though his son hasn't put pen to paper just yet, Shane O reports that he is also into music. "Dem man deh? Dem man deh play game right through. Dem man deh love mi song."

Shane O explained that the first time his son heard Last Days, he cried "living eye water".

"Mi ah seh, 'wah happen to you, bredda?'" His son's response was, "mi sad."

"A suh me did know it a guh buss, innuh. Mi play if it fi him, me and him just a drive, and him a bawl! A him a mi biggest fan. Mi biggest fan that, man," Shane O said.

Using his empathetic son as a gauge, Shane O teased the upcoming release of a potential new hit song called Tasting Tears, featuring Vershon.

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