Social media star turns entrepreneur

July 30, 2018
Starr Dawkinz showing off her product.
Social media star-turned-entrepreneur Starr Dawkinz.

After building some momentum from her features with popular online comedian Trabass, Starr Dawkinz moved to Los Angeles, California, to further her acting career.

That plan failed, forcing the aspiring actress to move back home to Florida. Now, Dawkinz is a successful entrepreneur in the business of selling a vaginal soap called Cookie Wash.

"It's not that Cookie Wash replaces my acting career. It's on hold, but not really. I'm just taking a different avenue," Dawkinz said.

After sleeping on some couches in LA, she decided to become a vendor to make ends meet.

"I would hold up my business sign at the corner of the road and sell coconut water, while giving tips daily to my Snapchat

followers about foods good for the vagina and remedies my grandmother taught me. Women encouraged me to take my grandmother's soap recipes and make a feminine soap," Dawkinz said.

Since its launch in December 2016, the Cookie Wash, along with her vaginal steaming herbs, has become Dawkinz' 'bread and butter'.

She claims to have made more than US$100,000 at the end of 2017, and averages about 1,000 orders each month.

Made using her grandmother's recipe, the social media personality boasts endorsements from celebrities like Yanique Curvy Diva, DHQ Sher and Dovey Magnum.

Despite finding success in the hygiene business, Dawkinz' plans for acting are still on the table - just not in LA.

"You don't have to move out to LA to get what you want accomplished. Right now, what I'm realising is that acting is not limited to just movies. There's commercials. Even for my own company, I do my own Instagram commercials. I act in it, have my mom record and I'll edit it, or have my boyfriend edit it," she said.

Making commercials may soon become another venture for the budding businesswoman.

"A lot of people reach out to me to do their Instagram commercials. I can be a commercial actress and still make a lot of money from Instagram. For a lot of the Instagram influencers, big companies (like Chevy or Toyota) reach out to them for Instagram commercial ads, because Instagram is the new wave. People are on Instagram more than they watch TV," she said.

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