STAR of the Month: Govana's mom 'tricked him' into attending St George's

September 12, 2018
St George's College on North Street, downtown Kingston.
STAR of the Month Govana

St Jago or St Catherine High schools were the top options for a youngster who grew up in Spanish Town, according to STAR of The Month, Govana.

Nevertheless, he listened to his mother's advice that another school should be his first choice, and her assurance that girls also attended the school sealed the deal.

Much to his dismay, the 4th Genna artiste passed for St George's College.

"It was my first choice, but mi neva wah go. Only school mi know ah Jago and Catherine. Mi neva know bout George's. When mi hear bout George's, mi go home an' mi start bawl and tell my modda seh: 'You trick me'! Nah go ah nuh school with bere man innuh!'" he told THE STAR.

But these days, Govana admits that attending St George's was one of the best choices, despite the lack of girls at the time (girls have since been admitted to the sixth form programme).

"Mi ah see the uptown yute dem weh wah be the ghetto yute dem, and mi ah see the ghetto yute be like dem ah di uptown. Some poor, poor man, mi just see dem ah act uptown and ah twang and dem ting deh," he said.

He added: "Me as the 'Spaniard' (Spanish Town native) now, mi jus deh deh, in the miggle of all of this. It groom me to who I am right now, because mi get the best of both worlds," he said. "Mi know the uptown yute dem and how dem operate and what them accept inna music and all dem sumn deh."

It was also at St George's, fourth form to be exact, that Govana was first introduced to Aidonia.

"Mi get a CD from a friend weh usually play football with Aidonia. Me always ah see the name and never really know much. I saw two songs from him, but I wasn't really intrigued until I get the CD. When mi get the CD now, mi go home. The next day mi come back ah school mi ah seh 'ah artiste mi a be innuh'," the rising dancehall star said.

Govana said that at that time, he was deejaying and writing lyrics, a past-time taken on by many young men in high school.

"Mi hear di man ah talk some tings bredrin. Nah tell nuh lie, mi never hear dem ting deh before. So mi decide say a dis ah wah mi wah do," he said.

Little did he know, he would become one of the primary personalities of the popular Aidonia-led 4th Genna crew.

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