Weh Dem Up To: Ed Robinson continues his musical 'journey'

September 14, 2018
Ed Robinson
Ed Robinson in performance.

Earlier this summer, Red Stripe launched its global Stand Up For Your Stripe campaign, and the beer giant ensured the musical inclusion of a number of indigenous musical genres and their respective artistes.

Part of the promotion is an album called Journey With Stripe, which chronicles the development of Jamaican music, including ska, rocksteady, reggae, and dancehall, with varied artistes.

Representing the 'old school' is Ed Robinson, expertly crooning on the song Neva Give Up.

"It's a major-league thing. I just finished an interview last Monday with Sirius XM Radio. It don't get no bigger than that," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Produced by Pablo Stennett, Journey With Stripe also features Blue Glaze Mento Band, Christopher Martin, J-Summa, Tifa, Tiegel, and Agent Sasco.

Ed is primarily remembered for his 1990s hit rendition of Knockin' On Heaven's Door. Currently based in the US, he returned to Jamaica for the Journey With Stripe album launch party this summer.




"It was a little bit exciting to me because I hadn't done anything in Jamaica since Rebel Salute 2016. I'm happy that Red Stripe brought me on board for the project," he said. "Neva Give Up is a real self-assurance song, all positivity and upliftment. It was actually written by Pablo; he's been my bredren for years. We played for AJ Brown for like seven years. I was the drummer, he was the bass player, so we go way back, and reconnecting was enjoyable for me."

Ed is also putting the final touches on his own rocksteady album.

"I'm taking it back 50 or 60 years, into the real Jamaican music," he said, revealing that he is in negotiations with a distribution company based in Los Angeles.

Proceeds from Journey With Stripe will benefit inner city youth, starting with Spanish Town, St Catherine, a parish near and dear to Ed's heart.

"[I was] Born at 31 St John's Road, grew up to age 17 there, and then went to St Elizabeth. So, it means a lot to me, it's very personal for me," he said.

As his album nears, Ed is also keeping busy on the road.

This weekend, the reggae crooner will perform at the Macy's anniversary celebration in Brooklyn, New York.

He explained that he has a working relationship with the department store and is hired as entertainment for their celebratory functions.

Following that, he will make his way to the Dominican Republic to share a stage with Third World.

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