UPDATED: Ishawna still - Foota's problem - Marlon Samuels does second track about selector

September 17, 2018
Foota Hype
Foota Hype
Marlon Samuels


World famous cricketer Marlon Samuels aka The Icon is still party to a back-and-forth with popular dancehall selector Foota Hype. Since its genesis months ago, the squabble has grown more legs and finds the sportsman back in the studio. Earlier this month Samuels released the diss track targeting the selector called Spoon Head. Last Friday, he followed up the insulting song with another called 'Internet Talk'.

The friction between the social media personalities allegedly began after Samuels played the leading man for dancehall vixen Ishawna's music video Instaboy. "You know anybody go roun' Ishawna, him have something to say," Samuels surmised. The contention continued as Foota Hype lobbed comments via social media at Samuels attacking his financial stature, comparing it to another cricket star's, Chris Gayle.

After a public courtship, including Foota Hype proposing to Ishawna at a party in 2013, they had an equally public break-up. The two have a child together.




The second song dropped in tandem with athlete's feature on TVJ's Entertainment Report, in which he explained the reason for the feud and the motivation behind his initial diss. He also explained why he responded to Foota Hype in the first place. "What we don't accept is the bullies. Foota Hype is a social media bully," the batsman said.

"I know him as Spoon Head, I don't know him as Foota Hype. Him fraid fi tek off him hat. Mek him tek off him hat and yuh nuh see if yuh see one big teaspoon," Samuels said. Upon the release of Spoon Head, Samuels invited his social media following to join the #SpoonHeadChallenge and vie for up a US$1,000 cash prize.

Samuels' contentious involvement in the entertainment industry goes deeper still, as he prepares to go to court for a lawsuit brought against media personality and recording artiste Yanique 'Curvy Diva' Barrett. "That is not a question I will talk about right now. Better you ask me about other artistes, proper artistes like Spice and Shenseea and those lovely ladies," he said.

For the next two months, Samuels will be tending to sports injuries before re-entering the international cricket arena. "That's why I'm putting in so much work now, doing so much songs," he said. In the meantime, the celebrity sportsman wishes the public to focus on the work of his foundation, which he claims has been active for 24 years. "That's what they should focus on. Don't focus on me living my best life," Samuels said.

Though he has denied any intention to enter the music industry full-time, Samuels' actions tell another story. "Don't study the Icon. I'm unpredictable, like a dice. You throw the dice and don't know what's coming up," he said.


CORRECTION: A photo with Foota Hype that was attached to this story was incorrectly captioned. The photo has since been removed. We regret the error.

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