Dancers' Paradise: Kool Kid is a master chef in the dancehall kitchen

October 12, 2018
Kool Kid of the Get There Squad.
Kool Kid
Kool Kid of the Get There Squad.


Dwayne Samuels, better known as Kool Kid of Chi Ching Ching's Get There Squad, has been working the dancehall circuit in Canada for the past two months.

The dancer travelled there with Ching to perform on some shows. After Ching left to continue promoting his new album Turning Tables, Kool Kid stayed behind to continue promoting himself.

"Dancing give me a work visa. Visa nuh up yet, suh mi ah gwaan work," Kool Kid told The WEEKEND STAR.

While in the Great White North, Kool Kid is busy doing what he does best, performing at shows and hosting dancehall workshops.

"Dancing is a lot. It goes a long way. All those white people you see come to Jamaica, I teach them all. It's not just Xpressionz or Dance Ja. I've been doing workshops for a long time, just not with the big dance studios," he said. "Mi wi have 20 to 30 white people on my roof in my community in Mountain View. People fly in fi me teach them. Mi nuh have no problem with the studio dem, but mi can build mi own ting."

Kool Kid's last workshop before travelling was with a group of Australians.

"Twenty-odd white people request me to teach them dancehall. Anyweh me deh, dem wah guh, even if it's in the ghetto. If me say them good, dem ready. An' nuhbody have no problem. The people love to see the tourists come into the community."

Dancing is Kool Kid's bread and butter and is something he would like to do for the rest of his life.

"I love doing it with all my heart. It drives and motivates me. It keeps my mind positive. Dancing is everything," he said. Eventually, the dancing ambassador hopes to fulfil a forgotten dream of the legendary Bogle, who many wanted to see open a dance studio.

"Bogle always wanted to do that. We weh used to deh round him, we used to say we woulda love to see him have a dance studio one day," he said.

Kool Kid estimates that he has worked the dancehall scene for about 18 years, and that for the last decade, he has been affiliated with the Get There Squad.

He attributes sustained success in the dance world to hard work.

"It's wild and like a jungle, not like violent, but there are a lot of people trying to go for them food," he said.

Speaking of food, Kool Kid is the inventor of some of Chi Ching Ching's notable moves, including 'Rice and Peas'.

"I created those moves and Chi Ching Ching give me the studio vibes. From 'Breadfruit' to 'Rice and Peas', ah me ah run the dancing kitchen," he said.

Following the path of dancers before him, Kool Kid has ventured out of the kitchen and into the studio. In 2016, he collaborated with Harry Toddler on the single called Get Up.

Kool Kid advises anyone who wants to trod a similar path to "Work hard and love what you do. Keep out of trouble and violence, because that nuh work with party and going to dance".

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