Cheerful farewell planned for Elva

November 09, 2018
:Elva Ruddock

Beloved comedian and media personality Elva Ruddock told her family members one year ago that her going home must not be a sad occasion.

In seeking to honour her wishes, Elva, who died on October 7 after battling the autoimmune disease Lupus, is slated to get a colourful send off this Saturday.

A memorial service for the comedian and media personality begins at 2 p.m. and will take place at the Karl Hendrickson Auditorium at Jamaica College in St Andrew.

"Last year, she wrote her will and the format her memorial service must take. She also requested a party to follow. All her friends and associates called, wanting to do something, so everything falls in line, really, with her wishes," said Evla's sister, Karen Ruddock-Frederick.

"She also requested no nine night. The family understands, though, that several persons who consider Elva their own have gone ahead and done something in recognition as she is well loved."

Ruddock-Frederick said that no eulogy would be delivered at Saturday's thanksgiving service.

"One eulogy can't cover her," she said.

Ruddock-Frederick told THE WEEKEND STAR that Elva's body would not be present at the service.

"In living, she never did that. She never looked at a dead, not even her own mother. Her last memory of you has to be when you are alive," Ruddock-Frederick said of her sister, who was larger than life.


Ruddock-Frederick remembered her sister as the backbone of the family and a friend to all.

"To me, she was my champion. She would fight for me. To others, she was a mentor. She did motivational speeches throughout. At one point, she told me she talked someone out of committing suicide. To others, she was too loud, too raucous and moody. There were so many sides. She was loving and kind," Ruddock-Frederick said.

She said that Elva was always cheerful and helpful, and even though she had no children, "for all the kids who knew her, she was the best mother."

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