Macka Diamond gives back to children’s home

May 27, 2019
Macka Diamond
Macka Diamond
Macka Diamond
Macka Diamond

Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond says she has officially adopted the Annie Dawkins Children's Home, which is located in the Corporate Area.

According to the entertainer, she always had a keen interest in philanthropy.

"I was speaking to my make-up artist and was telling her about my interest in giving back to charity. Instantly, she made a few calls and told me about Annie Dawkins Children's Home and another one, but I choose this one. Charity is really important, and I kept telling myself that I needed to be around some children just to offer some form of motivation, as they are the upcoming generation. When I visited them last Tuesday, I knew I had to return. Everyone felt like family. All those kids felt like mine," she said.

Last Thursday, the deejay, along with members of her team, spent the day painting the children's home and interacting with the wards.

"Spending Labour Day at the home was one of the best days of my life. Giving back felt really good. We will be collaborating with a few other people who will all lend a hand to this venture, and I am really excited about this one. I am really dedicated to these children, and I promise to do whatever I can to positively influence the minds of these youths," she said.

Operator of the children's home, Ivaline Nicky, said that she is extremely grateful to have Macka Diamond on board.

"She and her team, along with other agencies, pooled their efforts and did a really great job. The children were so happy, as some of them got their hair and make-up done, and she also brought along some much-needed toiletries. She enjoyed the children's company so much that she stayed late in the night, and she and the kids had a little concert, so they all got to show off their talents. It was really good," she said.

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