Bouncing back from pregnancy takes time - Popular personalities give advice to mothers

June 04, 2019
Kamila McDonald
Kamila McDonald

The bodies of expectant mothers go through a series of drastic changes.

Childbirth continues the alteration, and by the time the baby arrives, some new mothers hardly recognises themselves.

The woman then undergoes even more pressure as she heads into her 'snap-back' phase. 'Snapping back' is particularly stressful for those in the spotlight.

Entertainer D'Angel recounted at the time she got pregnant with son Marco Dean, she was at the height of her career.

She recalled the negative comments and said naysayers predicted that she would not make a comeback to the music scene.

D'Angel gave birth to her son via C-section. She said her first step to recovery was understanding that her snap-back had to be about her and no one else.

"Me never feel pressured because me never think me owe nobody nothing. Me just know inna myself say me did affi get back my body to where me want it. It was an inner drive that I had. It never had to do with the world, the negative people, and weh dem did affi say. It was all about me," she said.

"I gave birth to Marco Dean in November, and by February, I shot my first music video. That was pure hard work and dedication. I cut out all the food that would make me put on weight, and I exercised."

Dancer DHQ Danger recently gave birth to a healthy 10-pound baby girl, also via C-section.

She said that she will not be pressured into going back into the spotlight before she is fully ready either.

"I am going to take six or seven months to make sure I am good before getting back out there. I was planning on going back in three but because of the surgery, things will take a little longer. I don't mind because my health is very important to me. Me affi go put in some extra work fi get back pan a certain level, but dancehall nah run weh."

Kamila McDonald, certified lifestyle and fitness coach, said women should focus more on their health and less on the snap-back.

"Give yourself time to heal. You cannot rely on outside validation to determine your self-worth. Don't buy into the misconception that getting back to your pre-pregnancy weight is going to happen fast," she said. "Eating right and exercising is what's going to lead to the snap-back. I don't even like using that term because it, in and of itself, puts a lot of pressure on women because it makes people forget that this is a process.

It takes a concerted effort to get back to where you were before pregnancy."

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