I could never disrespect Koffee - D’Angel says persons misunderstood her Instagram comments

September 03, 2019

The Lady of dancehall, D'Angel, is today clearing the air after some statements she made in an Instagram live session on the weekend went viral.

In the now popular one-minute video, D'Angel laments that having done clean music for more than 10 years, she is disheartened that no one gives her credit.

She went on to say that people have only been acknowledging Koffee's music as inspirational. Her comments landed her in 'hot water' as social media users blasted her for comparing herself to the young reggae sensation.

But D'Angel wants people to know she was misunderstood.

"It's been over 10 years of standing for clean dancehall music unrecognised. I don't sing slack songs and my catalogue proves that. I heard it in the media that only Koffee does clean music, every other female dancehall artiste sings slack music. When I heard it, I thought why not take the opportunity to go on my live to let the world know that I have also been doing this? I was just praising myself for my work that I have been doing," she said.

She went on to point out that she was not saying she and Koffee are on the same level.

"How me fi say dat? They misunderstood and those kinds of people, they don't read. If they watched my live and read and understood, they would know. When I saw it blow up, I was shocked. The bloggers created a negative headline and Jamaicans just quick to jump on it. I could never disrespect Koffee and Koffee's talent. I was just making it clear that they were incorrect in what they were saying and they need to do their research," she said.

D'Angel, in response to comments that she's always seeking validation, said she is not looking to push herself on to listeners. But she does want them to give credit where credit is due.


"Yuh never get the rating yuh fi get from yuh own people and that's what I was saying. Until overseas recognise yuh, yuh own country will never. Me validate myself and that's why I came out and said what I said," she said. "I'm not in the business of comparison and this is not about that. Music is a mission, not a competition. Me and Koffee, we sing different kind of music but in the conversation that I heard they categorised her as dancehall and that's why I pointed it out. But people hear wah dem wah hear and a say wah dem wah say. Dem just making a big deal of nothing. A dem set up artiste against artiste and cause music to be so divided."

Seeing how much buzz her statements have caused, the Stronger singer says she has no regrets. She says people are beginning to research her songs, even if it's just to see whether she has been doing positive, uplifting music like she stated.

"Now they're talking and doing their research, that's a good thing. I got your attention but I don't want you to mix up my story and twist up my argument," she said.

D'Angel said she just finished a track called Clarity which will sum up the entire incident.

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