Mr Peppa to turn up social media presence in 2020

December 27, 2019
Mr Peppa
Mr Peppa

Shereita Grizzle

Staff Reporter

Well aware of the importance of social media in today's entertainment sphere, recording artist Mr Peppa says he plans to do more with his various platforms heading into the New Year. THE WEEKEND STAR caught up with the artiste at the recent Unruly Fest, where he advised that come 2020, he will be saturating the entertainment space.

The entertainer, who has remained relatively quiet on the music scene in recent times, said he's just about ready to capitalise on the benefits of social media.

He explained that when an artiste isn't supported by the consumers, the onus is on them to command their attention in order to get support. He sees social media as the perfect tool to get people in tuned with the music.

"I think the fans are not really at fault for the amount of attention an artiste receives. Yuh see because everything is kinda clustered right now with social media and everybody having a voice and a platform, it is incumbent on us now as artistes to really find ways and means to get to our fans and stay relevant," he said. "The fans are just soaking up whatever they get and having fun with it, and so artistes affi just put in more work and know the way of social media and become more savvy. Come 2020, I'll definitely be taking my own advice and turning things up where my presence on the platforms are concerned; so social media a go hot."

The entertainer then revealed that aside from the single Shake which he is currently promoting, he's in the process of putting together two EPs; both projects scheduled to come out next year.

"2019 heading into 2020 has already very busy for me so I expect that momentum to continue into the new year. We never stop do music innu, so all when the people in Jamaica nah hear from we, we out there in the world still making moves in the business," he said. "Whether the fans in Jamaica hearing from us or not we always staying busy. We always working, always representing, and we give thanks to God for giving us the opportunity to continue doing what we love doing which is music. Once you continue moving and never slow down, something will hit. And if it's not in Jamaica, it's gonna be somewhere else because music nuh stop one place."

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