Evangelist Marion Hall to start church - Says God has ordained her to ‘preach and teach’

January 17, 2020

When she got baptised in December 2015, evangelist Marion Hall, formerly known as Lady Saw, got the calling to preach and teach.

It was then through a prophecy that the Lord revealed he wanted her to start her own church.

Having spent the last four years nurturing her relationship with her master, she says God is ready to bring her full-circle and very soon, a church will be established with her as the ordained preacher.

Four months ago

"When the spirit of the Lord was speaking to me at that funeral where I was led to give my life to God, I remember asking him where I was to go from there and he said 'church'. At the time, I didn't know what that meant," she said. "Some months ago when I was going through my valley, I started getting sermons. I would wake up in the morning and get a word and all of a sudden I would start preaching. I was in Birmingham about four months ago and the Lord told me it's time. It's time to preach."

Hall told THE WEEKEND STAR that since then, the Lord has been confirming her purpose as she has been receiving a surplus of equipment to outfit her church.

"A pastor gave me a drum set and then he said there were some speakers in another church that I could get, then he said he was gonna bless me with a microphone. Then I went to England. This church lady said there was a pastor who died and that she had all this equipment that he didn't know what to do with them and she carry her car load up with all these things; a beautiful bass guitar, a piano," she recalled.

And, although God has not led her to the plot of land where the physical building will be erected, Hall will start her mission to teach and preach on the streets of Jamaica.

"I nah start inna no building. God said to go the highways and the byways. The first place he sent me was to Back Road to find that one lady so God's word will not return to Him void. I'm going to go to 'Back Road' again and the female prison," she said.

She recalled that two years after her conversion, God sent her to a downtown Kingston market.

"And people got the Holy Ghost right there. The power of God moved down there, that I start casting out demons down there," she said. I'm going back there. I'm going to Port Maria, I'm going to Annotto Bay, Price Rite down a Meadowbrook, then I go Red Hills then I go to Portmore."

Hall also said the Lord has already given her a name for the church. She told THE WEEKEND STAR that she is not keen on revealing it yet, but says it will be powerful.

"It's not just one name, it's a compact name with Jesus Christ along with some other powerful names," she said. "This is my joy. When I go on the streets and I'm spreading the word of God, I'm happy."

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