Tifa acts ‘For Little Girls Who Are Afraid to Speak’

January 20, 2020

With more than a decade of performing across the world, securing multiple corporate endorsement deals and being the recipient of dozens of accolades, reggae-dancehall superstar Tifa has secured a supporting lead role in an upcoming drama series.

The series, titled For Little Girls Who Are Afraid to Speak, is a high-concept crime drama about a family fighting to survive the harsh realities of life.

In addition to Tifa, the production will also see the likes of Luke Forbes ( Atlanta, Crown Heights, SWAT), Sheldon Shepherd ( Yardie, Betta Mus' Come), Marcos James ( Game of Thrones), Nate Bova ( Spike Lee's: Da Sweet Blood of Jesus), Allison McLean ( Dope Fiend), all playing lead roles in the critically acclaimed script that has won numerous awards at several major film festivals.

Tifa's involvement in the arts doesn't come as a surprise as she's formally trained in three areas - namely singing, dancing and acting.

She's also slated to appear in another major feature film and will be doing more castings throughout 2020, as she seeks to take her career to new heights.

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