First Koffee, now Cocoa Tea looks to serve up Cappuccino

January 28, 2020
Cocoa Tea
Cocoa Tea

Having seen his young mentee, Koffee, win the Grammy for the Best Reggae Album on Sunday, reggae singer Cocoa Tea said he is looking at other young talents who have similar dedication and passion for singing conscious reggae music.

"It is Koffee's time to shine and once she keep it burning the sky is the limit for her flames; still there are a lot more talented females. I have another female preparing for her time - you will know about Cappuccino," said Cocoa Tea.

The Holly Mount Zion singer did not give details about Cappuccino, and neither did he have a photograph to share.

A great deal has been said about the new era of female reggae artistes - Lila Ike, Sevana, Jah 9 and of course, Koffee, the talk of the town since her Rapture EP captured Best Reggae Album.

The win even has Cocoa Tea making predictions for the future of females and the genre.

"Koffee is the living testament (that) more young, female talent will rise again," Cocoa Tea told THE STAR.

"The problem isn't that there are no females but Jamaica is not doing enough by helping them in the right direction; we need to enhance our talent of the future. Jamaica to the world, don't sell out to nowhere."

Koffee first turned heads with her first single, Legend, a tribute track to sprint star Usain Bolt presented acoustically with her playing guitar that was shared via social media. She became a viral sensation once he showed support and gratitude by reposting it on his profile. The new wave artiste then went on to record Burning, which she has explained was birthed out of feeling downtrodden when she was not accepted into sixth form of high school.

Cocoa met Koffee at the behest of producer Walshy Fire, who she was working with at the time.

"I met Koffee in Florida. I was at my house and Walshy Fire call me and seh 'Cocoa, I have a likkle girl here name Koffee. I wah yuh come listen her'. And from I listen her, I said listen mi! The sky is the limit for this little girl.

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