D’Angel embraces sexual maturity with new track

February 07, 2020
D’Angel is still tight-lipped about possibly having a new love.

D’Angel has released a steamy new track in time for Valentine’s Day.

The single, Only You, sees the entertainer pledging allegiance to her lover.

Although not confirming whether the song is dedicated to any specific person, D’Angel told THE WEEKEND STAR that ‘love is great’.

“This is a personal song I’m sharing with the world,” she said. “To be loved is great and to give love is great. Let this song be your love song so find someone and give them some love to this track.”

D’Angel, who has a 13-year-old son, expressed that now is the ideal time for her to sing about matters of the heart and get sensual about love.

“Now is the time because I’m matured and experienced about certain things so I can share it with others and educate them about the importance of a healthy, romantic lifestyle with your partner,” she said. “I couldn’t sing a sexy song like this when I was younger. Now I’m grown and I have the experience, I’m more ready than ever before. I’m ageing like fine wine and I’m embracing that.”


She strongly believes that the world will be able to relate to the song.

“It’s not just about the physical, one has to be able to share a connection with your partner that touches your soul in ways that make you unashamed to talk about the sexual parts. This is a very happy, easy, relatable, passionate song,” she said.

The entertainer expressed that with all the domestic violence-related killings that have occurred recently, now is the time to sing more love songs.

“The song is geared at bringing back the romance and promoting healthy relationships. The song will help spouses de-stress and be better able to communicate so they can resolve their issues without violence,” she said. “This is going to be the Valentine’s song.”

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