Donai Singleton has good feeling about new single

March 03, 2020
Donai Singleton
Donai Singleton

Up-and-coming entertainer Donai Singleton says he is extremely happy with the feedback to his recently released single, Let Whoeva.

The track was produced by T3M Music and was released last November,and the young artiste said it "has been gaining steam in Jamaica and the rest of The Caribbean".

"I have been receiving excellent vibes in the streets and on social media. I even received a message from someone in Nigeria, telling me how much the song has motivated her to pursue her goals, so I know that this is a great motivational song," said Donai Singleton.

"I write from my personal experiences; therefore it intrigued me to create this song," he said.

In Let Whoeva, which has been viewed on Youtube about 500 times, Donai Singleton sings: "Let Whoeva think whatever, just keep on getting better," which, he said, is his way of motivating people to remain focused on their goals.

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