‘Coronavirus deh bout’ - Sizzla raises awareness on new song

March 13, 2020

Prolific reggae star Sizzla Kalonji has joined the conversation about the life-threatening coronavirus in the form of a song.

The entertainer's voice is slightly haunting as he repeatedly toasts and sings "coronavirus deh bout" on the age-old Far East Rhythm, warning persons to safeguard their homes from COVID-19.

"It was a freestyle recorded to raise awareness. The riddim is not ours, but we like doing music on the old-school rhythms because it is real to our culture," Sizzla Kalonji told THE WEEKEND STAR. "It is a very serious matter so I think for better understanding of public matters more artistes should do a little song highlighting the matter," he said.

The artiste who was forced to stay off his feet and forfeit several performances after a motorbike accident last October left him nursing a shattered ankle.

But he has now said that he is ready to get back to get back to work.

Start researching

"All this is part of the worst to come so it's best we start researching and finding out things of this age that will hurt us and counteract it in the best way possible in order for us not to lose anyone else to such dire virus or anything else in this field and even more. (The) best (we) can do is unite stay together and look out for each other and take our ancestors and parents teachings more serious. It's only out there to hurt us as a people," he said.

He gave condolences to families who have lost some relatives to the virus. But he is convinced that the virus is man-made.

"Something went wrong wherever but it was still intended for the people. It's just the Babylon system hurting our people for whatsoever gains but it might have been far more dangerous than they've expected it to be," he said.

He said with knowledge at their fingertips, the people can pull together to find a cure for the virus and is hopeful it will soon be found.

"Countries have to take serious measures to protect citizens as this will also help to protect other citizens of other countries," he said.

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