D’Angel declares herself fashion professor - Says women can look great without designer brands

March 16, 2020
‘Teach Di Gal’ is the latest single from dancehall artiste D’Angel.
‘Teach Di Gal’ is the latest single from dancehall artiste D’Angel.

D'Angel, the self-described 'lady of dancehall', has ventured into the teaching business and fashion is the only thing on her curriculum.

Calling herself the 'fashion professor of dancehall', D'Angel has set out on a journey to give what she deems as 'necessary style advice' to women, through her new single, Teach Di Gal. Pointing out that established brand-name items do not guarantee an automatic fashion 'forward', D Angel uses the track to promote 'cheap and clean' fashion.

"As a former model, I am always representing for the fashionistas. Having owned my own boutique, styling clients and representing on international runways, I am qualified to teach a thing or two," she told THE STAR. "Being fashionable has become more affordable these days, and Teach Di Gal is geared at giving useful fashion tips to women who may not possess the skills to style themselves."

In the past, D'Angel has put her high cheekbones, signature walking style, and long legs to work on the runways as a fashion model. She has also landed photo shoots with international companies like the popular hip-hop clothing brand, Rocawear.

" Teach Di Gal is geared at sharing useful fashion tips with women who are suffering from 'fashion hard ears. It is directed at women who think they know style and abuse brands, but still can't hit the runway. Style a style, and Teach Di Gal is showing ladies how it's done economically," D'Angel said.

Since the song was released last Wednesday, speculation has been rife about whether the Stronger singer was seeking to school particular artistes with whom she has had stand-offs. She attempted to steer clear of that controversy, telling THE STAR, "It wasn't geared at anyone but who the cap fit, wear it. Me throw me corn, me never call nuh fowl".

The artiste says the song has been doing well since its release.

"The reactions have been overwhelming because women have been reaching out and saying they have a lot to consider when spending their hard-earned money. Instead of wasting money buying designer brands, yuh can buy a no-name outfit and still look good, and even better than who inna di brand," she said. "Who will learn, will learn, and I guess who nuh learn, dem a yam-head."

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