Macka Diamond still turning heads

March 20, 2020
Macka Diamond
Macka Diamond

Just as she did with the racy video for her Cucumber song in January this year, dancehall maverick, Macka Diamond, is stirring up quite a bit of conversation with her latest visual.

Titled Caution, it sees Mackadocious, the diva's granny alter ego, throwing caution to the wind as she gets intimate with her young stud in a swimming pool.

The storyboard paints a picture of an 'up-in-age' woman who becomes the envy of the young girls in her neighbourhood when they see her being picked up by the young man in a flashy car. The cougar and her muscle man are later seen frolicking in the pool, during which things get quite steamy.

Since its debut last Friday, the video has been attracting attention.

Online, the feedback has been mixed, with some persons seeing the lighter side and actually loving it, encouraging Macka to live her best life and stating that the video is "genius".

But other comments were the total opposite, with persons confessing to cringing and calling out Macka with the 'age card'.

"Some people don't know when to grow up doh, she slack fi har age," one said.

But Macka is as cool as the cucumber she sang about earlier.

"All the negative comments are a plan thing," she told THE WEEKEND STAR breezily. "Sensible and real people know that it's dancehall I do, and that it is all about fun and drama. Right now, to how much calls I get for shows, a di corona stop it. But still I'm happy to know that all the work that I am doing has manifested itself and I am reaping the rewards."

Macka did, however, try to offer some kind of explanation regarding a questionable underwater scene.

"I did the video and they say that I bow under the water. But that wasn't me, that was 'Granny'. I just pull their legs that's all. They just need to get a sense of humour and chill. But here comes bad mind. But the funny thing is, how will they stop seeing me? Don't they know that diamonds are forever?" Macka asked.

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