‘God upset so him lock down the world’

April 17, 2020
DJ Foota Hype

When popular selector Foota Hype was detained by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents last December, the coronavirus outbreak was just unfolding in China. During his three months in lockup, the virus spiralled out of control, spreading to several countries across the globe. In order to curb the virus outbreak, many nations have had to go into total lockdown mode, restricting the movement of its people and confining them to their homes.

Foota Hype, who dubbed himself one of God's chosen people, believes there was a direct link between his time in lockup and the lockdown many countries are now facing.

"People don't tend to understand that I was arrested and placed in lockdown as an innocent man and God upset, so him lock down the world. I've told people that the reason the world is on lockdown is because I was on lockdown and everybody laugh like dem think is a joke," he told THE WEEKEND STAR in a recent interview.

Positive trend

"Me say as soon as I get out, this virus situation is going to begin to go on a positive trend and already I getting calls from people in New York say they're looking forward to reopening and all of these things. People can laugh when me talk but I am seeing and feeling other energies that normal people can't see. I'm that chosen person, so when people ah say, 'Oh, him chat too much', I don't care, because I'm chosen. The greatest men of all times were considered stupid."

The enigmatic personality, who made his official return to social media on Wednesday, says he's looking forward to getting back into the thick of things. He was released from detention last week.

Unafraid and unashamed to speak his mind, Foota Hype says he has always spoken on the behalf of righteousness and will not stop now.

"When I go live and when I do talk, I do not speak on my own behalf. I speak on behalf of nature, I speak on behalf of humanity, I speak on the behalf of positive energy and righteousness even if it sounds offensive to a particular group, movement, people or organisation," he said.

"I do what I do because of the Almighty. I do this because of God, so man's opinion when I do the right things and say the right things have no value to me."

The selector went on to express that those around him who have been genuine in their support of him through his difficult period have been subjected to immense blessing. "Since I come out, everybody that I call, that I love and care for, is alive and well and we have thousands of people dying around the world. How weird is it that those that have been helping me genuinely in my situation when I was behind bars still has a job and still collect a pay cheque every week, when 95 per cent of the world doesn't have a job," he said.

"Everybody that was devoted to helping me through my situation, whatever occupation they are in, they are still able to work and make money as if it were a normal."

With that said, Foota Hype used the opportunity to dispel rumours that he was released under house arrest. The artiste said he has to report to the relevant authorities regularly but is free to move about as he pleases. He also addressed news that he chose to be detained by United States Immigration rather than return home as a free man.

"Nobody wants to stay but the process is, voluntary deportation, meaning you tell them you want to be deported right now, your green card is revoked and you have to go home and TRY beg dem to get a visa. I've been past the visa stage, I'm not going to take that option," he said.

"The other option is that you're going to fight your case, which I chose to do because I'm a green card holder. I'm not going to give up my green card to just go home and start over, and whoever believes that story is either unknowledgeable of how immigration works or they just want to paint a picture that Foota has turned his back on Jamaica, which will never happen because I'm a Jamaican. Jamaica comes first."

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