Crazy Fox asks people to ‘mask out’

April 20, 2020
Crazy Fox
Crazy Fox

Recording artiste Crazy Fox is currently promoting his new single titled Mask Out.

Supported by the Positive Jamaica Foundation, Crazy Fox said Mask Out seeks to educate the public on the importance of protecting themselves from COVID-19, and he is using this platform to send across a very important message of personal responsibilities such as social distancing, washing hands and using sanitiser.

Mask Out is produced by Ce'Cile and Dale 'Drizzle' Virgo and is available on all digital platforms via OneRMP.

Crazy Fox adds his dancehall flair to what is a very serious public-health issue, but ensures that the seriousness of the crisis is not diminished through his lyrical exposition.

The artiste and his production team are working hard to get this message across Jamaica and the rest of the world, hoping people will take precautions and follow the rules.

"The track is intended to capture the ears and minds of the people. Mask Out is intended as a PSA for Jamaicans to stay safe and take measures to protect themselves from the deadly coronavirus," said Crazy Fox.

The artiste is executing a strong promotional campaign and the single is circulating on social media.

He, along with his team, is also gearing up to film an official music video in an attempt to keep bringing awareness to the situation.

"The feedback has been great so far, and I am very grateful for the support," Crazy Fox said.

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