‘This too shall pass’ – Downswell - Joins Government in fight against COVID-19, encourages all to play their part

April 24, 2020
Kevin Downswell
Kevin Downswell
Minister of Health and Wellness Dr Christopher Tufton.
Minister of Health and Wellness Dr Christopher Tufton.

As minister Kevin Downswell gets set to be part of the Government's campaign to help curtail the spread of COVID-19, he tells eProbe that he remains hopeful, as he believes that "this too shall pass".

Downswell says, "As a Christian, I've had my share of contending with an opponent that is invisible, and like COVID-19 and all that it brings with it, it is quite similar. But God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a settled mind. God is closer to us than we think."

Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton is set to join Downswell live on Sunday, as part of an ongoing effort by the Government to reach the masses.

The aim is to address COVID-19 concerns and impress upon people important messages relevant in helping to stop the spread of the disease.

Tufton tells eProbe, "There is the need for all of society to understand what COVID-19 is all about, what the impact is likely to be, what their role is in prevention, what their role is in terms of detection, treatment and cure."

Downswell said "Based on what I know, this conversation is about the people. We want them to be impacted and to feel like they have been heard. They have questions, but they also have commendations."

He also urges that "people abide by the regulations set by the Government - stay home, practise social distancing, wash those hands often. If we work together in this, we will come out on the other side, greater than we've ever been."

General concern for jobs

With lockdowns of various sectors, an islandwide nightly curfew, and just general concern for jobs, health and access to basic essentials of life, Downswell warns, "These times are no joke. It can take a toll on you if you're not careful".

The You Make Me Stronger singer, who finds himself studying much more these days - "something I never had much chance to do before this pandemic because of my hectic schedule" - says personally, his family has always been close-knit, and they continue to do things together, to help maintain their focus and positive outlook, while encouraging others.

"We pray together, study the word of God together, because in all the noise, it's knowing what God says that keeps us settled and focused," he said.

However, Downswell said they also spend more time trying to impact and encourage others.

"We also do an online show called 'Conversations With Kevin Downswell' every weekend, to inspire and lift the faith of individuals going through this season. There are many who really need hope at this time," he said.

Although Downswell does not directly know anyone who has contracted COVID-19, he says he knows persons who have relatives and friends who have, "and I do all I can to support and pray for their safe recovery".

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