Hanover can be the parish of example, says artistes - Ginjah, Joan Myers urge residents to heed COVID-19 warnings

April 28, 2020

Stephanie Lyew

Hanover, up to press time yesterday, remains the only parish without any confirmed cases of COVID-19, but residents shouldn’t take it lightly, said reggae recording artiste Ginjah.

The entertainer, given name Valentine Fraser, was born in Hanover, and is currently based in Pennsylvania, where the number of COVID-19-related deaths is above 1,500.

“I’m in the US trying to stay safe and following the guidelines as best as I can, but it has spiked over 1,000 new cases in a day. I have stressed to Jamaicans that this is not a plaything, whether or not there are no cases where you live,” Ginjah told THE STAR. “The simple fear of catching the virus is slowly killing some of us.”

Fellow Hanoverian, gospel singer Joan Myers, is encouraging residents to heed the warnings of the prime minister and health ministry.

She hails from the district of Haddington in Hanover but resides in the US.

Myers, formerly a lead singer of popular gospel group The Grace Thrillers, said, “Coronavirus is no joke. I implore all Hanoverians and Jamaicans to continue to take all the precautionary measures in keeping safe by washing hands with soap, social distancing, wearing of your masks and gloves, and also showing acts of love and kindness by becoming your brother’s and sister’s keeper. Use godly wisdom, and remember God is always with us, in good and bad times.”

She praised the member of parliament for Eastern Hanover, Dave Brown, and all the councillors and community leaders for their input during the pandemic, in “engaging the minds of its citizens on the importance of adhering to the safety instructions”.

She continued: “I am moved to encourage all citizens of Hanover to continue to be the parish of example, in making Hanover the only parish in Jamaica with no reported case of COVID-19.”


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