Abulani working for his space in dancehall

May 04, 2020
Buju Banton
Buju Banton

Berrisford Moltin, aka 'Abulani', who resides in Florida, USA, is no stranger to the Jamaican dancehall culture as he was born and raised in Clarks Town, Trelawny.

Though he has been performing from a tender age, meeting his childhood icon Buju Banton, in Kingston, fuelled his desire to continue in the genre even more.

"I was 13 years old at First Hill All-Age. While at school, my friends and I were 'beating the table' and singing Buju Banton's song, Gold Spoon, and from that day, my friends said I have the talent and I should pursue it. Three years later, I performed at my first stage show, where I 'mash up de place', and this performance caught the eye of music producers Jason 'Sweetness' and Major Oney," he said.

He was invited to Kingston at Arrow's studio, where he met other artistes. Abulani later formed a group called Hot Shots.


However, his meeting with Buju at Penthouse Studio in Kingston was the highlight of his Kingston trip.

"Meeting Buju Banton in itself was exciting for me, it was like a dream come true. Buju Banton is someone I admire and have the utmost respect for. I rate Buju Banton because of his artistic styles and his influences in the business," he said.

Another memorable moment for the artiste was recording songs for the great King Jammys.

Working full-time didn't allow Abulani to focus entirely on his music; however, these few past years he has put in the work to make a comeback in mainstream music.

His comeback track, titled Beg Dem Nothing, was released in January and produced by Skitta from Freedom Trail.

He expressed: "Life has its struggles, but those struggles were not the determining factor of my success. The love for music and determination were the driving force, with God, [and that] led to the recording of the song Beg Dem Nothing."

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