Fully Bad focused on music that will inspire, entertain - Says he has huge respect for Foota Hype

May 22, 2020
Fully Bad
Fully Bad

Dancehall newcomer Fully Bad says he has the utmost respect for Foota Hype, despite the two having parted ways. Foota Hype, up until recently, was managing the up-and-coming Bad Temper artiste .

"To make the record clear, myself and my former management are not in any dispute. Despite what people might believe and speculate, I have the utmost respect for my former management; after all, they did introduce the world to Fully Bad," he said.

The artiste revealed that he is now signed to a US-based label. He said that he is focused "on making new music that will inspire as well as entertain".


Fully bad is set to release Born Fi Dweet, a track produced by DJ Slow Motion, this weekend.

"The song is all about my life story, and the struggles that I face in the music industry. The harsh reality of trying to make it gave me the insight to create this song. There are many up-and-coming artistes that can relate to this song. I must honestly say that I am pleased with the direction that my new management is taking. We are constantly in communication and are developing new ideas for branding, imagery and bookings," Fully Bad said.

Earlier this week, Foota Hype, in confirming that he is no longer managing the up-and-coming artiste, said the decision to part ways was a mutual one.

"In order for you to manage an artiste, you and the artiste have to have the same vision and go in the same direction. We have to be working towards a common goal," he said. "I am an old man. I am almost 40 years old and Fully Bad is half my age. His perception of the industry, therefore, will be different from mine and, as such, we will not see eye to eye on everything. I do not want to hold him to my beliefs and the way I think we should do things, so I've given him the opportunity to go and do what he thinks is best for him."

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