University student takes a shot at music career

September 21, 2020

Topmann dropped his first single, Lonely Road, with Seanizzle Records at age 21 and is now ready to top up the public with his versatility. Born in Montego Bay, St James, the artiste, whose given name is Jamario Hines, is a past student of Cornwall College and currently attending The University of the West Indies.

"I have been doing music from primary-school days. My father, who is also an artiste, has motivated me. However, at that time, being a footballer was my dream," he said.

A former goalkeeper who captained Cornwall College to the 2016 daCosta Cup title, Topmann all but gave up football after he was unsuccessful in securing a scholarship to university.

"When I didn't get the scholarship, it demotivated me. I continued playing football for a club but things changed when we lost in the semis. My dreams of becoming a professional athlete gradually declined. I get a different medz and I tell myself that I am going to take my music more seriously," he said.

"The year 2017 is when I started taking my music more seriously and wrote lyrics. My enthusiasm for music grew more and more, and I realised this is what I really wanted to do."

The name Topmann, he said came from a freestyle battle he did a few years ago. "Mi use the lyrics 'every girl want a top man', and from there mi get the name." The name today has even greater meaning. His aim to have his music worldwide.

Seeking higher level

"If there is a higher level than being international, I would love to be there. I currently do dancehall music but I am not afraid of doing R&B or reggae," he said.

The 23-year-old business management major says he is taking a year off to pursue his music even more now than ever.

"I had a friend who spent six years at UWI to become a doctor and in less than a month, while working, he passed away on his job.

It really mek mi realise that time waits on no one. If you really want to do something, make use of the time you have," said Topmann.

He added, "If it doesn't work out, at least I can say I tried. I will also go back to school and finish my degree. At this moment, though, I just want to do what I love with the time I have."

Topmann says his song Lonely Road has been doing exceptionally well and has been getting positive feedback.

"I am getting good reviews from persons in countries like Africa and Japan. I got airplays in Australia and someone from Zimbabwe reached out to me and told me that this song is a true inspiration.

"I was inspired to write this song because I was on a lonely road myself. I used this song as a motivation for me and others who consider themselves as being on a lonely road."

The young artiste's biggest desire is to target some big record labels as his music continues to grow. "Romeich, NotNice & Stephen 'Di Genius' are just a few of the producers I would like to work with," he said.

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