A’mari experiencing African rebirth

December 02, 2020
A’mari and son, David, in Tanzania.
A’mari and son, David, in Tanzania.
A’mari has ditched her Western clothing for colourful African garb.
A’mari has ditched her Western clothing for colourful African garb.
A'mari now loves African prints.
A'mari now loves African prints.

"Africa sure looks good on you." That is the overwhelming sentiment being expressed by the 'Goodies', the followers of DJ Mona Lisa, better known as A'mari.

It was on November 9 that the Neko singer touched down on Turkish soil, and from there, she jetted into Tanzania, and so began her total transformation.

Less than one month later, the rebirth took effect. The singer and social media personality ditched her beloved wigs, boots, long-sleeved jackets and dark clothing in favour of bold, colourful African print dresses, sandals and faux locks.

A'mari is now in Zanzibar, which is an island of about one million people, but is still a part of Tanzania.

"Africa is a shocking experience and in Tanzania there is no COVID. Life here is normal," she said. "The motherland is nothing like what have been taught in books. It is a reservoir of rich culture and people who conduct themselves accordingly. They are modest and respectable. Over 98 per cent of the people here are Muslims and they dress like royalty," she said.

She and her son David have now adopted that style. "When people see David on the stree they ask if he's prince," A'mari said.

She's kept busy filming documentaries and music videos and has even done minor cosmetic procedures. "I did some surgery on my arm and I am having my teeth fixed. My dentist is the top person here and it's less costly than having it done in the US. Mutabaruka's family are in touch with me and I have linked with one of the biggest artistes here, and I will be performing with him on his show at the end of December. I'm excited," she told THE STAR.

She completed the video for her song, My SOB, and used African dancers, as she showed off the beauty of Zanzibar. The song was done to celebrate Neko reaching one million YouTube views.

"Now I am being introduced to the real people in the industry who are able to escort me on this musical journey. When I was in the US, I was always like a bird trying to find that right limb to perch on, but here I am totally at peace," she said.

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