Gage gives bedroom directions to females

January 12, 2021

Internationally renowned dancehall recording artiste Gage is popular for his sexually explicit lyrics aimed at his female fans, and has lent these capabilities to new label Wandr Productions, out of Florida, on their first project, the Jelly Bean rhythm.

Owned and operated by Tim McCaw, the Jamaica-born producer is pleased with the end result of the various-artistes rhythm compilation.

The sexually charged Jelly Bean rhythm comprises six hair-splitting tracks from mainly new artistes based in Jamaica and the US. Gage is the only established act on the project.

"Dem new to di ting, but all a we did new at one point, too. All we did need is a chance, and nothing don't wrong if we bigger artistes help out the smaller people who a try do them thing, worse if the talent is there," Gage said.

His track, Bruck It, leaves much to the imagination as he directs females on his preferred schemes in the bedroom.

Starting off the compilation is Jamaica-based D Fluid with Mr. Clean, a track for the ladies telling them about his image and sexual exploits. Producer, engineer and artiste Solstarr follows with his track, Boom, which is about how he wants his female partners to perform on him behind closed doors.

Next up is Kaibanon, also based in Jamaica, with G Spot; the name says it all! The fourth track is Give Me That by Roy G, where he asks women to give themselves to him. Gage's track is fifth on the tracklisting, and Jelly Bean rhythm is rounded off by the sole female on the album, Ayaana Nash, with her Drip track that's basically telling all the men before her that she's not easy to get.

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