Manatee Records creates new rhythm

March 23, 2021
Don Yute
Don Yute

US-based independent label Manatee Records will be rolling out the reggae-powered 'Satta Massagana' rhythm in April.

The project features various artistes including dancehall star Don Yute and veteran reggae singer Winston McAnuff.

"I'm getting a lot of positive feedback about this project. With the right promotion, these songs will do well both locally and overseas," Manatee Records president/CEO Calvin 'Doc' Flowers said. "The title of the project translates from the Amharic language as 'He Gave Praise', and with this project, I am honouring the spirit of that argument, by giving praise."

He added, "The original Satta Massagana has even been adopted by some Rastafarian groups as a hymn used during services, so this project means a lot to me. The songs are well written and bring positive messages of introspection, peace and love to all."

Flowers has been involved in the music community in Chicago since his arrival from his native country of Belize. Satta Massagana is the title track of a roots-reggae album of the same name by The Abyssinians. The rhythm itself has been re-recorded several times over the years.

One of the standout songs on Flowers' project belongs to up-and-coming singer Teeardropz with Wake Up List.

"This song is inspired by the knowledge that life is the greatest, whenever you rise, you have it all, you're rich. The song is getting a lot of airplay locally. Bobby Konders is playing it and all major radio stations in Jamaica," Teeardropz said. Another stand out song is Ras Ash's Slave Trade, which not only looks at the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and its lingering effects, but also focuses on the need for the loving kindness and mercies of Jah. Flowers has high hopes for the project given the early buzz.

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