Producer wants more education on marijuana

April 20, 2021

On the day that is recognised as the international day for cannabis culture, April 20, or 420 as it is dubbed, producer-engineer Dale Virgo is calling for more education on the marijuana plant and its varied uses.

Virgo, the owner of DZL Records, said he "was not always a marijuana advocate", but once introduced to it, he decided to do research.

"I grew up within a Christian household, but as I got older and got exposed, I started to learn more about marijuana," he told THE STAR. "My research revealed to me that marijuana has more positive effects than negatives ones, and before it was criminalised, it was used for medicinal purposes. I'm one of the persons that applaud the Jamaica government in pushing for the legalisation of marijuana, especially for Rastafarians who use it as a religious sacrament."

Influenced pop culture

Rastafarian communities and Rastafarian artistes were always advocates for marijuana's legalisation and have influenced pop culture. Through DZL Records, Virgo has been able to "give the world music to not only move to but learn from".

In 2019, he collaborated with Kim Nain on the single Marijuana. This year, veteran reggae singer Alborosie proposed that the producer produce a dub version of the same track.

"It then evolved into the latest project 420/1 which features nine tracks," Virgo explained. "It is a socially relevant album due to the time and changes as it relates to marijuana, and I expect people will learn of the positive effects of marijuana which is strongly advocated in this project."

Virgo said that he would like the negative stigma on marijuana to be completely removed from society, and called for more research to add to the education on the usage of the herb.

"I welcome other musicians to use my formula to create music that socialises marijuana usage, as well as being musically open-minded to the sound of music that speaks about weed, which is why I have added a variety of musical styles to this project, like Afrobeat, dub-trap, Nyabinghi-trap, dub-reggae and dancehall," he said. The 420/1 album is scheduled for release today.

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