Chuck Fenda defends past collab with Jada Kingdom

April 22, 2021
Chuck Fenda
Chuck Fenda
Jada Kingdom
Jada Kingdom

Reggae artiste Chuck Fenda, who is now experiencing a new level of consciousness, says that comments swirling about a song he did seven years ago with a then 16-year-old Jada Kingdom are attempts to derail him.

"Why are they bringing up that song now?" he asked in reference to the love song titled Believe. "The mission I am on right now is one of righteousness and they want to poison that. They want to hear slackness and gun tune. They couldn't find anything bad to say about the video because I made sure that there was no type of embrace or anything like that between me and Jada, because I was aware of her age, so they are attacking the lyrics."

The track was recorded while Jada was known as Jada K, and was a student at Vauxhall High School. Chuck Fenda said both her parents and the school were aware of every move they made.

"I met Jada walking in my scheme and she told me that she was a singer and from the first note, she hit me off my feet. I knew she was special and was going to be a star. I met her mother, her father and the teachers at her school because I would pick her up from school and take her to the studio, with her mother's approval," he explained.

The Gash Dem and Light Dem singer said the song with Jada had the potential to be a hit but he deliberately pulled it back because of her age.

"I remember at one point her mother said I should manage her and I told her that she should do the management and I would guide her. If I took Jada to a show in the country, when it was finished, I would always call her mother after to tell her we are leaving out now and tell her where to meet us," he further explained.

Chuck Fenda had a hit with Cherine Anderson, Coming Over Tonight, and noted that they appeared so 'lovey-dovey' that many people thought they were an item.

"The truth is that Cherine and I never had any kind of intimate relationship, but to this day people refuse to believe that. But we were like family. I never overstepped that line with her, ever," he said. Chuck Fenda said that he has not seen or spoken to Jada in years, but he is very proud of her success, which he predicted.

"I don't even have a number for her and I have never reached out on social media or anything. I saw Jada at a show in Waterhouse. But I understand Jada probably a lot more than most people. She is doing her thing and doing it very well and mi feel good," he said.

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