We meant no harm - ‘Chappa Gyal’ video edited after company’s legal action

May 14, 2021

Producers of Chappa Gyal, the controversial music video from Skillibeng and up-and-coming female artiste Honey Milan, are today making it clear that the video was never intended to cause conflict.

This after they were served with a cease-and-desist letter from law firm Levy Cheeks, that represents H&L Rapid True Value. In the letter, a copy of which was obtained by THE WEEKEND STAR, the firm aired its grouse with how its client's establishment was used. The company's building was renamed 'SkilliMoney Headquarters' and was used in the video to represent a fictional 'scamming base'. Though only visible for a few seconds, attorneys representing the company believed its use would mislead customers into believing it is 'associated with or endorses' the music. The video has been edited to remove the building and has been re-uploaded to YouTube.

Don't endorse scamming

YGF Records' producer, Tevin Richards, told THE WEEKEND STAR that neither he nor his company endorse scamming.

"I comply with them and understand where they're coming from and so the video has been edited to remove their building but at the end of the day, the music video is fiction. It is for fun, for entertainment. We never mean any harm," he said. "A years corporate companies a abuse artistes' likeness without proper licences. If we should track how much of our work are being used without our permission, we would have the upper hand. But we know now how to go about things when we see that next time around. I mean they have all right to protect their business so we had no issues. It's just a lesson all round."

Honey Milan, who plays the 'Chappa Gyal' in the video, says she too understands the company's stance but says they made 'much ado about nothing'.

"Respectfully, I understand their point of view but I think they could have left the video there because nobody looked at the video and thought 'OK, we were trying mess up their brand or anything'. It was only in the video for 0.5 seconds. I just feel like they did take it overboard. But either way, the people love the song and are talking about it everywhere and so we're 'bout to be number one trending," she said. At the time the video was removed, it was number three on local YouTube trending charts, with 500,000 views in a week.

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